"Menzies: The Forgotten Speeches" Sydney Launch with Julian Leeser MP | Transcript & Video

Launch by Julian Leeser MP of Menzies: The Forgotten Speeches

International Convention Centre, Sydney

Friday, 23 June 2017


Transcript of Address by Julian Leeser MP, Federal Member for Berowra 

Tony Shepherd MRC Board Member
Peta Seaton MRC Board Member
Senator the Hon George Brandis QC
Tim Wilson MP
Felicity Wilson MP
Rick Wilson MP
The Hon Philip and Heather Ruddock, my distinguished predecessor as member for Berowra
The Hon Patricia Forsyth
My …


NDIS red tape and confusion — it’s the new normal

Nick Cater writes in The Australian

It is only a matter of time before they give it a name. NDIS frustration syndrome, perhaps.

The good news is that help is at hand. An online guide produced by an autism advocacy body in Victoria coaches applicants in the art of putting a compelling case for assistance to the bureaucrats who decide their fate.

“There is a lot of anxiety about getting on to the NDIS,” one parent told Leader Community News, “and I think if …


Black hole at the gravitational centre of politics

Nick Cater writes in The Australian

You have to hand it to the folk at The New York Times; they sure know how to misread an election.

It was the Times, you may recall, that published a grudging apology last year for its one-sided coverage of the presidential campaign when Donald Trump failed to keep to the script. And it was the Times that last Friday revelled in Theresa May’s “humiliating defeat” in a story headlined “Jeremy Corbyn …


We need to generate sanity in energy mix

Tony Shepherd and Nick Cater writes in The Australian

It is time to restore sanity to the energy market. Is our aim to meet bureaucratic emissions targets regardless of expense? Or is it to generate affordable, reliable and efficient electricity to power investment, growth and jobs?

The Finkel Review is a turning point in the energy debate. It presents the opportunity to correct a bad policy decision that has sapped billions of dollars out of the economy and will …


PM's chance to fix energy mess

PM's chance to fix energy mess

Based on an article in The Australian: 

There’s an app for everything these days, even one that tracks the startling cost of Australia’s ludicrous energy policy in real time.

We are indebted to PocketNEM for informing us that the spot price of electricity on the National Energy Market shot above $150 a megawatt hour in the eastern states late on Sunday afternoon, and hit $365 in the energy-starved dystopia known as South Australia. Over the course of a …


Tribunal lets migrant riffraff run rings around us

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has received a stern ticking off from the Law Council of Australia for undermining public confidence in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Yet the tribunal has been busily undermining itself with a series of soft-headed judgments that defy common sense.

Consider the case of the Iranian who arrived by boat in 2011 and was given a protection visa on the grounds he faced …


Incoherent Get Up! just goes along for a disruptive ride

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

The next federal election campaign is under way. In the marginal Liberal-held seat of Banks in western Sydney, protesters have been lining the River Road, urging motorists to honk their opposition to the Adani coalmine.

The Liberal member for Dunkley is being pilloried on social media in a cruelly photoshopped picture. “Hey Adani,” reads the caption, “Is that Chris Crewther in your pocket?”

Lucy …


'The Forgotten People' 75th Anniversary Gala Dinner | Video, Transcripts, Photo Gallery, Interviews

Peter Cousens header

The Menzies Research Centre presents

The Forgotten People” 75th Anniversary Gala Dinner
A celebration of the wartime broadcast that defined today’s Australia

With Special Guests:

The Hon Malcolm Turnbull MP, Prime Minister of Australia 
Sir Robert Menzies Daughter Mrs Heather Henderson 
Former Prime Minister of Australia the Hon John Howard OM AC 
Former Prime Minister of Australia the Hon Tony Abbott MP
Alan Jones AC as Master of …


Remembering the Forgotten People

Remembering the Forgotten People

MRC's Dr David Furse-Roberts writes in The Spectator:

Three-quarters of a century ago, with the Second World War raging in the jungles and high seas of the Pacific, an ex-prime minister sat down to articulate the aspirations for a nation in its gentler years of peace. Having witnessed the ailing United Australia Party he had once led become captive to the sectional interests of corporate elites, Menzies turned to formulate a political credo that would speak to the interests …


Let’s build our future on these trusted foundations

Original article by Angus Taylor in The Australian:

Robert Menzies’ “Forgotten People” speech was a manifesto for the Liberal values of choice, opportunity and freedom that delivered the prosperity we now enjoy. Seventy-five years on, the ­values remain, but the toolkit has changed.

Menzies’ forgotten people now use a smartphone, live and work in our major cities and regional centres and spend more than ever on travel, entertainment, education, housing and …


Robert Menzies' forgotten people: a good reminder for today's politicians

Original article by Paul Ritchie in the  Australian Financial Review:

Australia's longest serving prime minister, Robert Menzies, wrote shortly after his retirement that he did not believe "in the verdict of history, only in its sense".

The old man of Australian politics saw the multitude of voices, the differing perspectives, and the gulf between those who make decisions and those who live them out, to know that a definitive account of one's actions and …


“A Chance in Life: Setting the foundations for tomorrow’s prosperity” with Angus Taylor | TRANSCRIPT

“A Chance in Life: Setting the foundations for tomorrow’s prosperity” with Angus Taylor | TRANSCRIPT

 ‘Setting the Foundations for tomorrow’s prosperity’

Menzies Research Centre Thought Leader Series Event with the Hon Angus Taylor MP 

Credit Suisse, Sydney 18 May 2017

Transcript of Address by the Hon Angus Taylor MP

Four years into my parliamentary career, many people still ask me what has surprised me most about getting into politics after two decades in the business world?

I think many expect me to say that “it is all hopeless, nothing …


Millennials ask: can we have some more?

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

It is hard to see what more the Treasurer could have done to soothe the anxieties of millennials or rid them of their nagging suspicion that they’re being systematically short-changed.

A tax concession to help them save to buy a home was blithely dismissed as “paltry” by the expert chorus on digital media, the cicadas of contemporary civic debate with their bulging eyes and short antennae clicking …


Crusading wowsers are just here to help

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

The sanitation of public life continues with a ruling that “knockers” is an unacceptable word in a tabloid headline. In October Brisbane’s Sunday Mail reported sexual harassment complaints against President Donald Trump under the headline “Knockers come out”. The humourless adjudicators at the Australian Press Council decreed last week the newspaper had gone too far.

The headline …

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