Tony Shepherd confronts our political failure

Original article from the Australian Financial Review:

The Shepherd Review, led by former Business Council of Australia president Tony Shepherd rightly casts the net more widely than the ill-fated 2014 National Commission of Audit he chaired for the Abbott government. The audit commission focused on the scope and efficiency of the federal government as part of its plan to get on top Labor's legacy of budget deficits. In contrast, the Shepherd Review is cast as a …


This is the future we cannot afford

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

How time flies when you’re busy spending other people’s money. A decade and a half has slipped by since Peter Costello presented Treasury’s first Intergenerational Report, confronting us with the fiscal consequences of growing old.

The proportion of the population who work and pay tax is shrinking while the number of retirees claiming pensions is growing. The day would come, the report predicted, when …


Abbott auditor renews attack on welfare and debt

Original article by Tom Minear in the Herald Sun

WELFARE payments must be slashed and simplified and the nation’s debt needs to be paid back, according to the man who spearheaded a savage audit for former prime minister Tony Abbott.

Prominent businessman Tony Shepherd will today release a “statement of national challenges”, produced by the Menzies Research Centre, on why Australians are “struggling to get ahead”.

The report follows Mr Shepherd’s work on the …


Challenges Facing The Nation

MRC Director and Chairman of the Shepherd Review Tony Shepherd AO spoke with Ben Fordham on 2GB today on what we need to do to face the nation's challenges.

Listen below:


Australia's 'forgotten people' falling behind

Original article by AAP via Sky News online

Australia's 'forgotten people' are failing to benefit from the nation's economic growth and risk falling further behind if drastic action isn't taken, a new report warns.

Prominent businessman Tony Shepherd is spearheading a review into shoring up Australia's future through incentivising taxes, accountable government, affordable energy, open trade and an imaginative and creative market.

'Change can only be achieved if the …


Unless the Federal government cuts spending, the budget will stay in deficit forever according to Tony Shepherd

Click here to listen to Tony Shepherd's interview with Tom Elliot on 3AW

Unless the Federal government cuts spending, the budget will stay in deficit forever, according to prominent businessman, Tony Shepherd.

Speaking on 3AW Drive, Mr Shepherd said Australia needs to get the budget on more sustainable footing and reduce its collective dependence on welfare.

"The bottom line is it's the welfare payments...we have to try and get that expenditure …


Aust economy risks 'genuine crisis': report

Tony Shepherd speaking on Sky News (click below)

27.7.13TAusteconomyrisksgenuine crisis

Prominent businessman Tony Shepherd warns the Australian economy risks a 'genuine crisis', although he won't go as far as calling it a 'banana republic' as Paul Keating once did.

But he does believe Treasury's assumptions for a balanced budget by 2021 are 'heroic' because they rely on the maintenance of an expanding economy and the Senate passing measures to support fiscal consolidation.

Mr Shepherd is spearheading a …


Australia could be crippled by pension spending, says Tony Abbott audit chief

Original article by Peter Martin in the Sydney Morning Herald

Australia runs the risk of becoming the new Japan, "crippled by pension spending" unless it winds back the entitlements of a swelling aged population.

Business figure Tony Shepherd, who chaired the Commission of Audit for the incoming Abbott government, raises the prospect in the first of three studies intended to update the commission's work for the Liberal Party-aligned Menzies Research Centre.

The …


Tony Shepherd warns baby boomer entitlement could spark budget crisis

Tony Shepherd speaks with ABC Senior Business Correspondent Peter Ryan (click below) 


SABRA LANE: The head of the Abbott government's commission of audit Tony Shepherd is warning that Australian living standards are at risk without serious budget repair.

With the Federal Budget six weeks away, Mr Shepherd also warns that future generations will suffer as self-interested baby boomers cash in on their pension entitlements.

In an economic review for the Menzies …


Report describes 2021 surplus as 'heroic'

Original article by AAP via SBS online

Businessman Tony Shepherd has had a second look at his 2104 commission of audit and found the outlook is just as worrying as it was three years ago.

Treasurer Scott Morrison is standing by his forecast for a budget surplus in 2021, even as a new report described Treasury's assumptions as "heroic".

Prominent businessman Tony Shepherd has warned the Australian economy risks a "genuine crisis".

In an independent review of the …


Family home should be in pension assets test: Tony Shepherd

Family home should be in pension assets test: Tony Shepherd

Original article by ABC's Senior Business Correspondent Peter Ryan 

Key points:

  • Including family home in the pension assets test "may have to be done" to repair budget
  • "We do risk a genuine crisis unless we can get growth going again": Shepherd
  • AAA credit rating at risk unless agencies are convinced of "path back to surplus"

In a report for the Liberal Party-linked Menzies Research Centre, Mr Shepherd said including the family home in the pension …


Spending sinks all hope of budget surplus

Original article by David Uren in The Australian:

Australia’s federal budget is ­unsustainable, a report led by the head of the Abbott government’s audit commission warns, casting serious doubt on “somewhat ­heroic” Treasury forecasts of a ­return to surplus in four years.

The report, drafted at the ­direction of leading businessman Tony Shepherd, warns that the government’s welfare and pension spending is fuelling ongoing deficits and has the …


A wake-up call for the spendthrift political class

Original editorial in The Australian:

Why Australians are struggling to get ahead is the apt title of a new report prepared for the Menzies Research Centre. Regardless of their political affiliations, voters and the political class cannot afford to ignore its pertinent warnings. The report, prepared by a panel headed by the former head of the National Commission of Audit, Tony Shepherd, is packed with inconvenient truths. While Australians are enjoying living …


Labor invents a straw man of an evil Australian business sector

MRC Director of Policy and Research Andrew Bragg writes in The Australian:

Attacking Australian business is becoming a dangerous national sport.

Labor’s assistant Treasury spokesman, Andrew Leigh, is now the No 1 fan. His incorrect conspiracy theories on Australian company ownership say much about the mindset of a man who would be treasurer.

Leigh and co have invented a straw man of an evil Australian business sector.

The straw man distorts pivotal national …

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