Tony Shepherd takes aim at baby boomers

Original article by Jacob Greber in the Australian Financial Review

Tony Shepherd has lashed out at his own baby boomer generation's entitlement mentality, saying continued failure to address looming problems caused by the ageing population will ultimately erode the living standards of younger Australians.

"You and your kids will be paying," Mr Shepherd said. "The baby boomers did a great job growing our country and much of our current wealth is built on their work. But …


[PRESS RELEASE] Australians to live in the most prosperous nation on earth. Do you feel that way?

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Just months away from pulling off the greatest economic performance in world history – many Australians feel they are not getting ahead: the new forgotten people.

Later this year Australia is poised to better the Netherlands previous record and clock up our 104th quarter of economic growth.

However, new research for the Shepherd Review, commissioned by the Menzies Research Centre, shows that Australians do not …


Hard times ahead while we’re loosening our belts

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

These must be anxious times for the captains of corporate Australia. Stuttering growth, falling investment and an inexorable fiscal imbalance are menacing signs for anyone expected to make a profit.

Yet it appears the economy is, at best, of secondary concern to 34 chief executives who insist the Prime Minister should spend his diminished political capital reversing his party’s plebiscite commitment on …


Men’s-club Liberals ‘must act on gender balance’


Original article by Rosie Lewis in The Australian:

The Liberal Party “must act now” to encourage more women into its ranks, a conservative think tank has warned, as new analysis finds parties with a better gender balance such as the Labor Party have “greater electoral appeal”.

In an update to its 2015 gender and politics discussion paper, the Menzies Research Centre urges the Liberal Party’s male MPs and men’s networks, which it …


Look out when science and politics tell us the future

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

A growing mood of catastrophism is enveloping our more serious newspapers as the cost of anthropogenic change to the business climate bites.

A decade of ill-judged environmental and energy policy has exacted a terrible toll on the national economy. There is little chance of the investment needed to rid South Australia of its basket-case status while the government is unable to guarantee a stable power …


Bill Leak: he cut down bullies with his brush and pen

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

Bill Leak faced bullies not with his fists but with his head.

It was a habit he’d learned from his father, he once explained to me, who had warned him against the dangers of throwing the first punch.

He should look his tormentor squarely in the eye before applying his forehead sharply to the bridge of the nose. Even the biggest of them would be suckers for a follow-up punch with tears to their eyes, he …


Labor MP no hero of working class

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

If anyone in federal parliament should be anxious about jobs it’s the Member for Wakefield, a distressed South Australian electorate in a destitute state.

One in 10 of Nick Champion’s working-age constituents are on Newstart and 1400 jobs will be lost later this year when the Holden plant in Elizabeth ceases production. Ten per cent claim the Disability Support Pension, the dignity-destroying benefit …


How Section 18C Betrays Menzies Liberalism by David Furse-Roberts

How Section 18C Betrays Menzies Liberalism by David Furse-Roberts

MRC Research Fellow Dr David Furse-Roberts writes in the March 2017 edition of Quadrant:

In one of his great treatises on modern democracy, penned in the mid-1930s, Robert Menzies wrote that “without free minds and free spirits our boasted civic freedom becomes an empty shell”. With the flurry of public debate surrounding the primacy of free speech and the merits of legislation attacking racial intolerance, it is timely to explore how the subject of Section 18C of the …


A crisis of conservatism? Nick Cater on "Between the Lines" program

RN BTL2 Copy

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater joins Paul Kelly and John Roskam to discuss the state of conservatism in Australia on Radio National's Between the Lines program. Presented by Tom Switzer. Click here to listen to and/or download the podcast.

Is there a crisis of conservatism in this country?

An article in The Weekend Australian, written by Paul Kelly, says that:

'The fragmentation in Australian politics that sees the fracturing of the voting base of the …


The nation's past successes have led us to sloppy thinking

MRC Director of Policy and Research Andrew Bragg writes in The Australian Financial Review:

Australia is fat and happy. Indulgences delivered by 25 years of economic growth are beginning to unravel the place. A provincial mindset, fact-free debate and sloppy, inconsistent policymaking is commonplace.

Three current issues reveal the nation's flabbiness.

The first is tax. To the detractors of the company tax cut plan, it doesn't matter what our tax system looks like, …


Launch of MRC Report "Oceans of Opportunity" by the Hon Julie Bishop MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs | Speech, Video & Gallery

*Scroll down for a copy of the report, to watch the Minister's speech and view photos from the launch*  

(Original speech transcribed by the Foreign Minister's office)



The Hon Julie Bishop MP
1 March 2017


Excellencies, High Commissioners, Mr Tom Harley the Chairman of the Menzies Research Centre, …


Foreign Minister Julie Bishop launches new MRC Report "Oceans of Opportunity" - Press Release

Pacific Islands present oceans of opportunity for Australia: report

1 March 2017 – Australia should open its doors to Pacific Island migrant workers to fill labour shortages in growing industries and to maintain its position of influence in the region, a major report being released today says.

The report, by the Menzies Research Centre (MRC), suggests a radical re-think of how Australia approaches its aid and economic relationship with 16 Pacific Island nations.

“We …


Coca-Cola the latest to run out of gas in South Australia

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

News that Coca-Cola will be closing its Adelaide bottling plant was greeted with the Premier’s customary shrug.

“Well, we’ll fund a career and transition service,” Jay Weatherill told radio listeners last week. “For each worker it’ll be about $2500 for training.”

Job training is Labor’s regular prescription on these occasions, the panacea to soothe the pain of a state in decline.

Education …


Coal proves its worth while Rudd tilts at turbines

MRC Executive Director Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

Kevin Rudd breezed into the Sky News studio in Canberra last week to decry the lack of “deep, strong, committed national leadership” since the electorate’s foolish ­decision to turf him out of office.

It was “nuts” to remove the carbon tax, he said.

“Where we are now can be summed up in three words: dumb, dumb, dumb.”

Australia’s energy market could be dumber still if Labor wins office …

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