'What's happened to the university?' with Frank Furedi (video & transcript)

The Menzies Research Centre presents

What's happened to the university? The withering of campus free speech 

A Thought Leadership Forum with Professor Frank Furedi, QUT'S Calum Thwaites and
IPA's Bella d'Abrera 

Wednesday, 27 September 2017
Village Roadshow Theatrette, State Library of Victoria


I want to talk about the broad trends that are at work at the university, not just in Australia but throughout the Anglo-American world. In …


Dead hand of state enervates, extinguishes entrepreneurialism

Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

There were two paths the government could take, Kevin Rudd said in 2009 before explaining to the ABC’s Kerry O’Brien why he’d ­decided to take the wrong one.

The first was to build the National Broadband Network, a nation-building project said to be as bold as the Snowy Mountain Scheme or the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

“The alternative,” said Rudd, “is to sit back and do nothing.”

The information superhighway, as Rudd …


Super charged: How union-aligned industry funds rose to prominence

By Fred Pawle:  

An extensive, and expensive, television advertising campaign repeatedly asks Australians to “compare the two” - the rate of return for members of union-aligned industry superannuation funds against the return from those run by private companies. As the advertisements correctly show, the industry super funds invariably perform better for their members.

But “compare the two” in finer detail and you will discover the reasons behind this …


We’ll have it right when renewables mafia squeals

Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

Few contributions to the energy debate have been less helpful than that of Christiana Figueres, the former UN climate chief and international purveyor of smugness.

Figueres spoke at a Sydney city council event last week with Lord Mayor Clover Moore in a session billed as “a conversation about how entrenched inequality, rising populism and political instability are contributing to an uncertain future”. While in town Figueres dropped …


Guarding your nest egg - Spiro Premetis on 2GB with Warren Moore

Industry superannuation funds are frequently reminding us that they achieve better returns than their retail counterparts, but how do they do it? Menzies Research Centre Director of Policy Spiro Premetis explains on 2GB radio that the comparison between the two types of funds is actually comparing apples with oranges. “It’s not surprising that the returns are different,” he says. Premetis also explains some of the flaws in the industry, which now manages more than $2 …


[MEDIA RELEASE] Union super funds the real foxes in the henhouse

[MEDIA RELEASE] Union super funds the real foxes in the henhouse

Click here to download a copy of the Press Release

Union super funds the real foxes in the henhouse 

Thursday 14 September 2017

All superannuation funds need independent directors to safeguard the retirement savings of millions of Australians from vested interests.

A report released today calls for governance rules to be tightened to ensure that funds make decisions that enhance their members’ savings rather than pursue the interests of unions and fund …


Bill Shorten wants you driving a trabant, not a BMW

Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

Why does Labor struggle with the S-word?

The British Labour Party is led by a proud socialist. Hillary Clinton came close to being trumped by a socialist as the Democratic nominee for US president.

Yet when Mathias Cormann suggested that a socialist is leader of the ALP, Labor-friendly bloggers were indignant.

It was a red scare from a sad and pathetic man, wrote one adjectively challenged writer. “Is it wrong to say ‘piss off …


Good news is no news for history’s hand-wringers

Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

What conclusions should we draw from the latest dispiriting skirmish in the history wars?

It began with a fanciful attempt to compare Captain James Cook with two American Civil War generals from the slave lands and ended with the desecration of Cook’s statue, an act that was roundly condemned by all, including Stan Grant, who started the hoo-ha in the first place.

The first thing to note, if we did not know it already, is that the US …


Commission of Audit boss creating new blueprint of tax, energy and federal reform for Turnbull

Original article by James Massola in The Sydney Morning Herald:

The architect of Tony Abbott's controversial Commission of Audit has teamed up with a Liberal-leaning think tank to create a "blueprint for good government" for Malcolm Turnbull ahead of the next election.

But more than three years after his 2014 audit, which sank like a stone politically and helped to take the 2014 budget with it, Tony Shepherd is promising practical solutions that …


Thought Leader Series event with Julian Leeser MP | Video

*Transcript coming soon* 

The Menzies Research Centre presents

The Forgotten Successes: 
Coalition achievements in indigenous affairs from Menzies to the present day

A Thought Leader Series event with Julian Leeser MP, Federal Member for Berowra 

Thursday, 31 August 2017
PremierState, Sydney 


The danger stalking Victorian streets - Nick Cater on PVO

Be careful walking down any street in Victoria these days. It’s not just the rising rates of assault and other crimes - destined to be a key issue in next year’s state election - you should worry about. Zealous bureaucrats with a keen eye for entrepreneurship are also a threat, says Menzies Research Centre executive director Nick Cater.

Discussing the absurdities of the mining and energy debate with Peter Van Onselen on Sky News on Wednesday, Cater said there were …


Problems, causes and solutions - Tony Shepherd on the nation’s economic challenges

What is causing Australia’s low growth and economic pessimism? What can Australians and their politicians do to deliver the country from this malaise? And what consequences will there be for the nation if we do nothing?

Tony Shepherd knows the answers to these questions because he knows how to get things done. He led the project to build the Sydney Harbour Tunnel, one of the most ambitious and successful public-private projects in Australian history, was chairman of …


We’ll get burnt putting faith in the sun

Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

If you find it frustrating to be stuck behind a Toyota Prius, you should try selling one. “We have a Prius which we purchased new and it is in excellent condition,” Matt writes on “When I looked up the resale value, I was absolutely SHOCKED!”

The Prius chat room gave a collective sigh. “Yup! And good luck getting the actual book ‘trade in’ value out of a dealership!” wrote one member.

“Well there goes …


The 6th John Howard Lecture - 'Conservatism, Compromise and the Politics of Conviction' (Video)

The Menzies Research Centre presents

The 6th John Howard Lecture   
with special guest speaker John O'Sullivan 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017 

Ashurst, Melbourne  



The John Howard Lecture: Conservatism, Populism, and Conviction Politics

(edited transcript)

John O’Sullivan, Melbourne, August 22, 2017

Politics was once defined by left and right, or labour and capital. Now the divide is between the Somewheres, who are …


The silly old buggers are voting in droves

Nick Cater writes in The Australian:

Cast your mind back to 1989 and the golden age of political incorrectness when a prime minister could call a pensioner a silly old bugger without being lectured by finger-waggers.

Bob Hawke’s encounter with a curmudgeonly 74-year-old hardly dented his election campaign. It was a sign that Hawke was human, a quality voters seem to like in a prime minister, funnily enough.

Today it would be declared a blunder and subjected to …

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