Live: How to Win Twitter

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Tune in here for a live broadcast featuring Chris Kenny, Caroline Marcus and @Monster_Dome.

Twitter is convenient conduit to millions of followers, a platform for instant comment on breaking topics and a free service for public announcements.

So why is it dominated by leftists? The rules of engagement - or lack thereof - are mostly to blame. People from the right of centre, schooled in the centuries-old tradition of respectful debate, tend to shun social media, where mobs roam and emotion trumps reason.

But Twitter’s size and increasing influence mean it cannot be ignored. The Menzies Research Centre has assembled a panel of Twitter warriors who will share with you how to amass a large following and win debates using the persuasive powers of knowledge, civility, humour and humility. This is a short masterclass in what is an essential skill of the 21st century.

Watch live from 6:30pm eastern standard time on Tuesday, March 6


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