Gender and politics report: 2017 Update

Gender and politics report: 2017 Update

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Gender and politics: 2017 Update  is an update to the original Gender and Politics report released in 2015.

It attempts to provide empirical evidence of the extent and nature of the gender imbalance in politics, discuss its consequences and construct an intellectual and philosophical framework to address the disparity based on Liberal principles.

This paper draws from the Menzies Research Centre's Gender and Politics Forum held in Melbourne on 26 June 2015. It was presented to the federal Women's Committee Conference in Adelaide on 15-16 August 2015, convened to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the establishent of the Committee.

In a message included within the latest report, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull writes 'there is no greater enthusiast than me for seeing more women in positions of power and influence in parliament, in ministries right across the country' and acknowledges that 'we must keep striving to ensure women are on an equal footing with men and have greater opportunities to participate in the corridors of power.' 

The report, co-authored by Nicolle Flint MP and Nick Cater, was presented to the Federal Women's Committee Women and Leadership Forum on 18 March 2017. 

Nicolle Flint was elected in 2016 as the federal Member for Boothby. She is the first female to hold the seat since it was established in 1903. Nicolle previously worked as a columnist with News Corp and Fairfax, as a policy adviser to Liberal leaders and the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She has held senior leadership roles in the Liberal Party of Australia (SA Division).  

Nick Cater is Executive Director of the Menzies Research Centre and writes for The Australian. He is author of The Lucky Culture (Harper Collins 2013). He edited The Howard Factor (MUP 2006) and A Better Class of Sunset: The collected works of Christopher Pearson (Connor Court 2014).   



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