Liberalism and the Australian Federation

Liberalism and the Australian Federation
  • Date: Tuesday, 31 July 2001
  • Author: A A Staley and J R Nethercote

Published in 2001 this collection of 18 essays was produced as part of the Liberal Party's contribution to the Centenary of Federation celebrations.
'This book is about liberalism, the political philosophy pre-eminent at Australia's federation and during its first one hundred years. It provides an authoritative account of the achievements of the Party, and its forerunners, in Australia's development as a nation. The book demonstrates the pervasive impact of liberalism on the nation's political institutions and the policies which have shaped the growth of its economy and society. Based on the work of a diverse group of Australian scholars Liberalism and the Australian Federation demonstrates that during the twentieth century, Australian history and Australian liberalism were closely intertwined.
John Howard, Foreword

A. A. Staley and J. R. Nethercote, Liberalism and the Australian Federation

Chandran Kukathas, Liberalism: the International Context

Gregory Melleuish, Australian Liberalism

Winsome Roberts, Liberalism: The Nineteenth Century Legacy

Greg Craven, A Liberal Federation and a Liberal Constitution

Ian Marsh, The Federation Decade

Margaret Fitzherbert, Alfred Deakin and the Australian Women's National League

J. R Nethercote, Liberalism, Nationalism and Coalition, 1910-29

Clem Lloyd, The Rise and Fall of the United Australia Party

Michael Keenan, The First Menzies Government and the Second World War

Graeme Starr, The Menzies Government and Post-War Prosperity

Ian Hancock, Liberal Governments, 1966-72

Charles Richardson, The Fraser Years

Andrew Norton,
Towards a New Australian Settlement? The Progress of Australian Liberalism

J. J. Pincus, Liberalism and Australia's Economic and Industrial Development

John Roskam, Liberalism and Social Welfare

Campbell Sharman, Federalism and the Liberal Party

Carl Bridge, In the National Interest: Liberal Foreign Relations from Deakin to Howard

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