State Policy Perspectives

State Policy Perspectives
  • Date: Sunday, 31 December 2006
  • Author: Julian Leeser (ed)

These thirteen papers, published in 2007, represent a collection of papers presented at the Menzies Research Centre's inaugural State Policy Conference.
'The Centre believes that the reform agenda at a State level has atrophied. Despite the significant financial windfall that the States have received from the GST and the property and mining booms they have not invested this dividend in wise policy. It is for this reason that we staged the State Policy Conference - to raise some ideas for debate and to encourage some new thinking. As the selection of papers demonstrates the conference covered a range of key policy areas affecting the States: crime prevention, healthcare, education, infrastructure and governmental reform. Most of the contributors to this volume are policy professionals. They carry no partisan flag. Their contribution should be seen as indicative of their concern that issues that they have raised in their papers need to be addressed.'
Tom Harley, Foreword

Julian Leeser, Liberal State Governments: Some Themes

Michael Wagers, Broken Windows Problem Solving and Regulating Gang Behaviour

Mirko Bagaric, Strategic (And Popular) Sentencing

Keith Hamburger, Restorative Justice: Victims And Offenders

Ken Levy, Towards Greater Effectiveness In Offender Rehabilitation

David Kemp, The Reform Of Schooling: International Trends

Samuel Ball, Improving Curriculum

Audrey Jackson, Why Parents Choose Independent Schools

Kathy Rankin, The Challenges For TAFE

Barry McGaw, Better Preschools

Tony Abbott, Healthcare: What State Governments Should Be Doing

Russell Schneider, Health, the States and the Individual:

Encouraging Personal Responsibility In Health

Alan Moran, Energy Reform: The Next Phase State Role

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